UBC Insurance Solutions Excels in Client Support

In the insurance industry, rates increase annually while benefits decrease. You pay more to get less every year and older insurance plans carry higher expenses. UBC Insurance Solutions offers a wide range of client support services. These support services are intended to meet and exceed your insurance needs while adhering to all applicable federal, state, and local regulations regarding insurance plans.

Client Support UBC Insurance

Employee Education Seminars

UBC offers an informational employee education seminar for clients. Our insurance brokers extend our exceptional service to each of your participating employees by answering questions, reviewing policies, and training your staff to get the most out of their insurance plans.

We translate confusing insurance language to simple English by simplifying and visualizing the benefits.

We offer:

  • Multi-lingual Seminars Upon request
  • Visual Presentations
  • Webinars By Request
  • Open Dialogues
  • Informative Presentations

Quarterly Review /
Product Update

UBC goes the extra mile by offering quarterly reviews and product updates four times a year to our clients. This provides you with up-to-date information, more flexible enrollment options, the latest insurance plans available, and the peace of mind in knowing your benefits consultant is working hard for you.

COBRA Services (Cal-COBRA/Federal Cobra)

Federal COBRA laws provide employees with the option to continue health insurance coverage when there is a disruption in the employee's work history. This can occur when an employee changes jobs, becomes unemployed, gets laid off, or experiences an extended leave of absence for a family or medical emergency. California provides even stricter COBRA requirements under the CAL-COBRA act. California residents can take advantage of extended COBRA coverage under this law. UBC brokers are well versed in all federal and state COBRA regulations. We can provide you with COBRA compliant forms and consultations regarding local and federal COBRA requirements.

Analysis/Innovative and Creative Solutions

UBC Insurance Solutions is unique for many reasons. One of the most outstanding qualities that we possess is our commitment to innovative solutions. We believe in thinking outside the box in order to meet the needs of our clients more fully. We know that every problem has a unique solution and that solution may include adapting traditional methods to meet your unique insurance needs. Not only will UBC brokers examine your current insurance plans, but we will also analyze the effectiveness of your current comprehensive insurance package. At UBC, we do not compare your current insurance plans with possible solutions, we customize a package tailored for the needs of your participants and their dependants, even if it results in a monetary loss of profits for us.

Premium Only Plan,
Section 125 (POP)

Another unique feature of UBC's service is our personalized claims filing. When you are a UBC client, there is no need to call an automated 1-800 number to file an insurance claim; you can speak directly to a benefits consultant who will personally file the claim for you. By taking advantage of UBC's claims and billing support, you never have to sit through an automated system again when you need insurance related assistance. Our knowledgeable, personable, and professional brokers are waiting to assist you with every step of the way, including questions regarding the insurance claim process, billing, benefits qualification, adding or removing a dependant, cost, and premiums.

Cost vs. Benefits

Choosing an insurance plan can be very confusing. The most expensive plan may make the insurance carrier more money, but that does not ensure that it will provide maximum benefits for the client. In insurance, you may not always get what you pay for. For UBC clients, cutting insurance costs does not equal a reduction in benefits. We work for our clients, not the insurance carriers, so we have no vested interest in selling high-priced insurance policies. Instead, our focus is on meeting your needs as a UBC client.

Qualifying Events

Certain life events can impact your insurance needs. These qualifying events often prompt a special consultation with your insurance broker. Events that will impact your insurance eligibility are: Births & Adoptions Marriages & Domestic Unions Loss of prior coverage

Workers Compensation

Worker's Compensation: Rights and Responsibilities Under California law, all employers are required to carry Worker's Compensation insurance, even if they only have one employee. Under Worker's Compensation, an injured employee is covered for medical expenses related to the work injury, temporary disability benefits during the time it take the injured employee to recover from the illness or injury, and long- term disability benefits if the employee is unable to return to work. In addition, Worker's Comp insurance also provides benefits for supplemental job displacement benefits, and vocational rehabilitation if the employee is able to work after recovery from the illness or injury, but is unable to fulfill previous job responsibilities as a result of the job related illness or injury. Medical treatment under California's Worker's Compensation plan must adhere to a specified set of treatment modalities as set forth by the California legislature. These guidelines limit medical treatment to procedures and treatments that are proven to result in improvements of illness and injury. This means that experimental procedures, drugs, and treatments are not covered under the insurance program.

California's Worker's Comp Incentives
In addition to providing medical coverage through Worker's Comp insurance, California employers are also encouraged to be proactive in helping injured workers return to work in a timely manner. Employers who make special modifications to enable a worker to return to work can be reimbursed for up to 00 in expenses.

Worker's Compensation for the Self-Employed
Even self-employed clients can carry Worker's Comp insurance in California. If you are injured on the job, the responsibility for your recovery and future employment capabilities falls squarely on your own shoulders. No one expects to be killed or disabled while on the job, but Worker's Comp insurance protects you from the unexpected.

UBC Insurance Solutions and Worker's Compensation Insurance

UBC offers exceptional client support for worker's comp insurance. We provide federal and local forms, claims filing assistance, and benefits consultation- all free of charge. In addition, UBC is also pleased to offer discounted Worker's Comp plans through Anthem/BlueCross insurance, a major U.S. insurance carrier. Worker's Compensation Resources: Federal department of Labor Worker's Compensation Resources: http://www.dol.gov/esa/owcp/dfec/ California Division of Worker's Compensation: http://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/dwc_home_page.htm