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Every business is unique, and so are its insurance needs. At UBC Insurance Solutions, we pride ourselves on having the ideal business insurance policy tailored for every scenario. If you don't immediately see a solution that aligns with your requirements, don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team will ensure you're not only pointed in the right direction but that you're equipped with the best possible coverage for your specific situation. Your security and satisfaction are our top priorities.

business owners
Forge an unbreakable link between property and liability insurance through Business Owner's Policies (BOP). Our dedicated experts craft bespoke coverage, fortifying your venture against industry-specific vulnerabilities.
business auto
Navigate the roads confidently with our Business Auto Insurance coverage. From single vehicles to fleets, our customized policies ensure your business is protected against the unique risks of commercial vehicles.
directors & officers
Empower your leadership with Directors and Officers coverage. Safeguard directors and officers from claims arising while serving on boards or as officers. Our expertise protects your invaluable senior management assets.
employment practices
Stay resilient against the surge in employment practices litigation, covering discrimination, harassment, and more. Our experts assess risks and fortify your defense against evolving workplace challenges.
Shield your business against evolving environmental risks. Our expert team crafts tailored solutions to safeguard against unexpected challenges, securing your company's future amidst changing landscapes.
Fiduciary Liability
Empower your fiduciaries with protection against claims of employee benefit plan mismanagement. Our experts ensure responsible handling of benefits, safeguarding both your representatives and employee well-being.
general liability
Guard your business against non-employee injury, copyright violations, and legal expenses. Our experts assess risks and tailor coverage, ensuring your company's protection and minimizing potential financial burdens.
Safeguard your assets from theft, damage, and disasters with our Commercial Property policies. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to secure coverage that shields your company's valuable property investments.
workers comp
Prioritize employee well-being with Workers Compensation coverage. Protecting against job-related injuries and accidents, our team focuses on fostering a safer work environment while ensuring your legal obligations are met.
commercial umbrella
A commercial umbrella policy is intended to boost an existing insurance policy, giving you an additional layer of protection. Our dedicated team will work to find the right umbrella solution to cover your business.
Enhance your protection with a Commercial Umbrella policy. Adding an extra layer to your existing coverage, our dedicated team tailors solutions to safeguard your business comprehensively and fortify your overall risk management strategy.
cyber liabilty
Defend your company against data breach costs with Cyber Liability coverage. Our team assesses your data risks and tailors a policy to match, ensuring comprehensive protection and mitigating financial vulnerabilities.
errors & omissions
Shield your business from potential mistakes with Errors and Omissions policies. Ideal for businesses offering advice, recommendations, or representing others' needs, our team secures coverage that ensures a single error won't lead to financial ruin.

Industries We Serve

At UBC Insurance Solutions, Inc., our expertise spans across a myriad of industries. Each sector has its unique challenges and demands, and we pride ourselves on crafting insurance solutions tailored to meet those precise needs. Dive into our specialized offerings and discover how we cater to your industry with unmatched precision and dedication.


Drive with confidence. Tailored coverage for automotive businesses ensures protection on and off the road.


Serve with assurance. Specialized coverage safeguards hospitality businesses, ensuring guest satisfaction and smooth operations.

construction & engineering

Build your legacy. Crafted insurance solutions safeguard construction and engineering ventures against unique risks.

life sciences

Innovate with protection. Tailored insurance shields life sciences enterprises, fostering progress in a dynamic field.

financial services

Secure financial futures. Comprehensive coverage shields financial businesses, managing risk in a dynamic industry.


Empower impact. Customized coverage supports non-profits, safeguarding their mission-driven work against unforeseen challenges.

property owners

Invest wisely. Dedicated insurance solutions fortify property owners against the risks of real estate ownership.


Innovate boldly. Crafted insurance solutions protect technology businesses, allowing innovation to flourish amid challenges.

professional services

Thrive with confidence. Tailored coverage supports professional service providers, minimizing risks in their dynamic roles.


Navigate securely. Tailored coverage supports trucking companies, ensuring efficient operations on the road.


Savor success. Specialized coverage ensures restaurants serve their patrons with assurance and resilience.


Distribute with trust. Comprehensive insurance solutions fortify wholesalers against industry-specific vulnerabilities.

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70% of employees say benefits are a major factor in evaluating job opportunities. Learn how to find the best employee benefits package.