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The Many Benefits of Offering an Attractive Employee Benefits Package

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What UBC Can Do for Your Employee Benefits Package

Small Market Health Plans (1-100):

UBC Insurance Solutions, Inc. provides group health insurance packages that give small businesses the ability to attract and retain talent. At the same time companies are able to take advantage of lower payroll tax and tax incentives for their employees, all while offering access to carriers, networks, and plans not available on the individual market.

Large Market Health Insurance (101+):

This branch of group health coverage allows for premiums to be negotiated between UBC Insurance Solutions, Inc., and the health carrier.; this allows for more aggressive pricing not available in small market. In addition, Large Group plans can enjoy all the perks of small groups (tax advantages, employee retention) while also having access to composite rates and expanded plan designs and services.

Group Dental Insurance:

No waiting periods for basic and major services. Get immediate benefits for you and your employees on your effective date, as well as selection of nationwide carriers.

Group Vision Insurance:

Full range of vision services including competitive frame allowances, copays for exams, materials, and more.

Additional Group Benefits:

By offering these cost-effective group policies our clients keep their benefit packages diverse, comprehensive, and competitive with larger companies:

Life w/ AD&D:

No medical underwriting and attractive guaranteed issue amounts.

Short Term Disability & Long-Term Disability Insurance:

Help your employees supplement their State disability benefits when they are most in need.

Worksite Policies:

These voluntary plans can help protect employees in the event of an unexpected illness or accident by helping them mitigate their out-of-pocket medical expenses. Some common worksite benefits include hospital indemnity, critical illness, and accident insurance.

UBC can help you tailor a unique employee benefits package.

We can even help you sort the jumble of insurance jargon and multitude of options that are presented when selecting an insurance policy.

In addition to your employee benefits needs, clients of UBC are given access to HR services as well as reviewing your employee handbook to make sure it is accurate and up-to-date. UBC can also offer compliant generation of a new employee handbook at no fee to our clients! It is not uncommon for employee handbooks to be overlooked, however, an employer will be legally bound by much of what is contained in their employee handbook so it is crucial to keep it updated!

Custom Employee Benefits